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 Logo of Accreditation Body Approved Programs Date of Accreditation Received Accreditation Body
Faculty / College
12  2009

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology,
(ABET 2000EC)

Faculty of Engineering

4 2008م
Years 6 )

European Organization of Dental Education (DentEd)

Faculty of Dentistry

9 2009م
Years 6 )

Office of the Council
Vocational education

Community College,  Jeddah

6 2009 م
Years 6 )
Office of the Council of the Geological Society of Britain (BGS)

Faculty of Earth Sciences

3 2010م
Years 5 )

Academic Accreditation body Academic of American (AMBA)

Faculty of Economics and Administration (Master programs Business Administration)

1 2010م
Years 5 )

Canadian Society of Chemical (CSC)


Faculty of Science(Chemistry Program)


Years 5 )

Institution of Water and Environmental Management British (CIWEM)

Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture

15 2011م
Years 3)

The American Academy of Education free (AALE)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

1 2013م
Years 5 )

The Accreditation  of programs
of English (CEA)

English Language Institute


1 2013م
Years 5 )

Institute of  Biomedical Science, Britain (IBMS)

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
(Department of Medical Laboratory Technology)

1 2013م
Years 3)

European Foundation for the development of management science


Faculty of Economics and Administration (Executive Masters programs in Business Administration)

3 2013م 
Years 3 ) 

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology 


Faculty of Computer and Information Technology


1  2013
 (6 YEARS)

International Hydrography Organization  (IHO)

College of Marine Studies (Department of Hydrography)

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