Vice President for Development

Message from the University Vice-President for Development 


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon the most honorable Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.  

King Abdulaziz University strives for leadership and excellence nationally and internationally, so it is necessary to follow up on ensuring the quality of the educational process outcomes and national and international accreditations, and to establish a culture of quality among the various University sectors, develop competencies, and improve the level of performance in accordance with best practices and the highest international standards.  In-line with its role in contributing to the realization of the University Mission and Vision, and based on its national responsibility, the University Vice-Presidency for Development (V-PD) prioritizes the development of all its sectors, enhancing the development system for all its employees, and providing information and data about the University as well as its current and future development projects and submitting them to those concerned in order to achieve the Kingdom's ambitious Vision 2030.  

The V-PD‘s role is crucial for the University, as its knowledge gate, and due to its responsibility for quality and national and international accreditation. The V-PD plays a fundamental and essential role in setting the University Strategic Plan and strengthening the University’s cultural relations and role as an international leader.  The importance of the V-PD is consolidated through its role in publicizing the University achievements and emphasizing its academic and international prestige and cultural role in community service. The V-PD achieves this by following up on the University’s international ranking by internationally renowned classification bodies and developing plans and processes to improve the University’s ranking among world-class universities.  This responsibility is the best testimony of the multiple tasks and roles undertaken by this vital Vice-Presidency to serve the University, emphasizing sustainability of development and continuous modernization plans, enhancing institutional performance, developing human resources, and the means and techniques that ensure the development of all University sectors, in-line with its strategic goals, its outstanding status, and its future aspirations. 

I ask the Almighty God to grant us success in what we seek to advance our beloved University to assume its position, and to increase its service to the nation. 


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